Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hex Inversion Hour at St. Mary Arches

A really interesting Children of the Drone session at St. Mary Arches church last night. James Turner's been keeping the monthly church session going, and we've had to relocate from St. Stephens due to renovation work.

St. Mary Arches
St. Mary Arches church, Exeter

James T - keyboard, percussion, submerged gong, slide whistle
Keith - electric guitar
John - acoustic guitar, mandolin, percussion, vocals, slide whistle
James S - "DynaMike", circuit-bent keyboard, voice, electronic processing
Ben - "Acitest" self-constructed circuit-bent hex-inverter device
me - saz, balalaika, percussion, slide whistle, humming

All very textural, no drums, no bass, not much melody at all. Great fun!

Listen Here

[And for those of you who got the oblique Fall reference, you must check this! Thanks to Sir Robert Bunkum for picking this one up.]


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