Monday, November 05, 2007

Exeter Open Studios

I played a couple of sessions with Orbis Tertius? this weekend, in both cases we were "installed" in an art exhibition as part of the Exeter Open Studios project. On Friday night it was at Henry's house, where his wife Lucy was exhibiting her raku work, and her friend Jenny was exhibiting her ceramics. On Saturday afternoon it was 'round at Veronica Gosling's remarkable Gallery 36 on Denmark Street (she's a long-time supporter of COTD, and one of her series of prints supplied the textual content to the "During the Night" track on our Compilation 5).

Veronica's 'Automatic Toast Machine'
Gosling Automatic Toast Machine

Ali, Chris and Iggy from Spin 2 stopped by on the Friday, and really (particularly Chris) listened to what we were doing, which made it seem worthwhile. One of Ali and Chris's kids was even dancing, which is an OT? first! Quite a few people stopped to listen on the Saturday, too. This might boost the (probably tiny) audience sizes at our gigs this Tuesday (North Bridge Inn) and Thursday (Picture House). But, to be honest, I think what we do - very far removed from 'entertainment' - works better in this kind of 'take-it-or-leave-it' 'installation' context than in the traditional form of 'band playing gig'.

Veronica took some photos, refreshingly not digital - she's going to pass on copies eventually and they may make their way up here eventually.


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