Wednesday, November 07, 2007

OT? at the North Bridge Inn (again)

A not-particularly-inspired Orbis Tertius? performance last night, to the usual tiny audience. We seemed a bit sluggish and out-of-sync to me, but it seemed quite well received in any case. Ben Goldstone (a.k.a. George Lazenbleep) was there, and we had a good chat about his Phoenix Arts 'digital media bursary' circuit-bending work and forthcoming trip to Georgia (former USSR, not USA) during the set-break. Also Nigel from Future Sound of Exeter. Both supportive in their comments. Ben might come along to tonight's COTD session at St. Mary Arches (the monthly St. Stephens session has moved, due to renovation work), with some newly built non-intuitive electronic noisemaking devices.

Keith, Henry, me
two pints of lager and a packet of crisps (oh, and some musicians)

Hopefully the Thursday night gig at the Picture House will be a bit more lively. Here's a recording of most of the session:

Listen Here

Keith brought along some photocopies from a new book somehow linked to WFMU (freeform radio, NYC, arguably the world's best radio station) including a cartoon of the levitation of The Pentagon, just over 40 years ago (21 October '67) - we have a piece (in a 5 rhythm) called "Levitating the Pentagon", which goes back to something I used to play with Inge over a decade ago. Phil from Wrights and Sites mentioned the Manchester Psychogeographic Association (now the Materialist Psychogeographic Affiliation)'s attempted levitation of a shopping centre in Manchester shortly before the IRA blew it up, which led me to recall my participation in the attempted levitation of the Parliament in 1994 (anti-Criminal Justice Bill protest). I've even got this photo Inge took. [Incidentally, having just looked up that Manchester bombing, I realise that this was the day Stella Spacegoat was leaving Manchester on a train down to Glastonbury for a gig at the Assembly Rooms - the day Inge and I met her...she heard the blast just as she was about to leave...]


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