Wednesday, October 31, 2007

King Size Slim

I saw this character at a party last weekend, really impressive slide/blues guitar, wild trancey vocals, unbelievable energy levels. He's Brighton-based, a friend of Anton who I jammed with at the equinox, called Toby. He's got a MySpace profile (just one track at the moment), and there's also a little clip from last summer's Bestival, where you get some sense of what he's about:

Dave and I cycled down to the Orange Street Music Club to see him again last night for their "Tuesday Bluesday" session. The host, a soprano sax player called Jim, who I saw leading the fabulous (but awfully-named) "Mr. Lovebucket" at the Lounge of the Farm festival this summer, sat in for some of his set, perhaps unnecessarily, but it was all good. I love his rendition of "Pressure Drop"!


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