Monday, September 17, 2007

Another Cannings Court barndance

This is the third time I've blogged about this annual event (2005, 2006). Again, I recorded the Red Dog Green Dog set, which I'll eventually upload to As I was packing up my MiniDisc gear, someone came up to buy a couple of CD's off Jo and Jim - he mentioned having heard one of these barndance recordings online, and mentioned that he was the person who took this photo, which I used in conjunction with one of them. He also took the ones below.

RDGD and people dancing
a view from the balcony

Listen Here

Primaeval played again this year - now a four-piece, with Sunny's brother Ed (once in The Resonators with Jim, Lisa, et al. playing bass). They're also using a bass drum, so the rhythm is quite emphatic - I felt it took some of the subtlty away, but it probably has a very different effect from the point-of-view of the people dancing (and that's the whole point, really).

It's a bit strange being a non-folkdancing person at folkdance events like this, but I try to make myself useful, and it's good to see so many people (including many old friends) enjoying themselves. No jams in the campsite this year, unfortunately. I had a good chat with Stevie P about his latest Pondlife recording ventures. Also, Maya gave me a copy of the new Dragonsfly CD Familiar Shores which I shall be listening to soon (as well as some photos from a Dongas gathering at Ham Hill in 1996 which I'll eventually scan and put up online somewhere for everyone concerned).

Jim, Joel and Jo from RDGD
Jim, Joel and Jo, playing a late set (unrecorded) after Mike headed back to Bristol

I got a lift up and back with Jim (from the band - pictured above with concertina) and Jess. Jim's living in Kent for the next year, doing a kind of organic horticulture studentship at what used to be the Henry Doubleday Research Association near Maidstone. That's not so far from Canterbury, so we're hoping to meet up and make some music in the coming months.


Blogger Tom said...

Thanks for those other recordings of yours, Matthew, I love the way you can hear a really enthusiastic crowd in the background. I've just blogged about it myself, at, and I'm about to send you the pictures I took.

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