Monday, September 10, 2007

Calabrian tunes

An interesting little session on Saturday night - I was at a party near Swalecliffe, Hélenè's caravan-warming (a tVC connection). She'd asked me to bring my saz, and other people had been encouraged to bring instruments. What resulted was Jim (self-described "old hippie") with an accordion playing a few Calabrian tunes he'd picked up from his dad (having grown up in Fishguard with Italian parents), accompanied by me bashing out rhythm on my saz and Justin (a local artist who I've been told I should meet for a while now) freestyling over the top of that with a muted pocket trumpet. It was all a bit rough, and the background noise didn't help, but a lot of fun, and we got people dancing.


Blogger Lillialive said...


saz'ual glue!

Dancing with the flow at Michel Franti's Power to the Peaceful Concert in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, Cali, and am brougt directly to reunion with Richard. Richard, traveling, plays the little bahzing bahzing bahzing, in the nest of most Wonderful Brother Alan!

Ahh ahhahahah!


(Your spirit joined the drumming as well, ya?!)

One Love

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