Monday, November 12, 2007

Orbis at Picture House

Four Orbis Tertius? performances in a week, and the last one was definitely the best - upstairs in the bar at Exeter's Picture House cinema (they've been having music on Thursday nights for a while now). We only had about 45 minutes, so there was a certain urgency which lifted the music. We were meant to go on last, but Henry's really not into hanging around waiting to play (understandably), so we arranged to go on first instead. This turned out to work very well and we ended up with a much larger audience that way. Tanja from the Picture House, who also plays bass in local indie band Victoria 13, handled the sound for us (very well) and the set was quite well received.

Unfortunately the MiniDisc player got unplugged before it had finished shutting down properly, so the recording I made is only accessible via data recovery - it was such a good one that I might have to send it to my contact in Sweden (who's recovered a few classic COTD sessions which would otherwise have been lost, for a fraction of the professional data recovery cost). I'll upload the recording to if it does end up getting recovered.

We were followed by the extraordinary Kimwei (who turns out to have been Vicky's daughter Claudia's guitar teacher for a while) - not your average singer-songwriter - she plays a really imaginative style of percussive guitar, has an amazing sense of rhythm and writes very unusual material - check this video:


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