Thursday, November 24, 2005

Pulse progress

Another incarnation of 'Pulse' got together at the Crediton Rainbow Studio last night to run through a possible set a couple of times. This is in preparation for a little community event at Shobrooke Village Hall on 11/12/05, which I'll almost certainly have to miss, but Henry asked me along anyway, since Pulse is a continually varying entity, and the music is mostly improvised anyway. On this occasion:

Henry - percussion
Richard - electric bass guitar
Keith - electric guitar and percussion
John - acoustic guitar, voice and percussion (possibly other strings?)
Mark - percussion
me - saz, percussively-triggered radio device, percussion

Henry's idea was to try and get us all to relax into it to the point where the sound 'thins out' a bit. The last gig was good, we all felt, but a little too dense and 'frantic'. The first attempt was fairly successful, and the second was considerably more laid back, arguably more appropriate for a chill-out space than a dancefloor. We agreed that it was good to be able to react to the situation and produce a musical energy attuned to the prevailing vibe.

first run        second run


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