Friday, November 18, 2005

another Crediton Rainbow Drone

A fine session last night, the moon just past full. Worth missing Jelly Jazz for this one. Very stringy, felt noticeably more 'telepathic' than usual. The first set was just one 45 minute jam - took a while to get into, but once it was going...

Vaughan was playing out more than usual, we got a very satisfying saz/mandolin duet thing going on at one point. He and John got right into their freeform vocal harmonising. Richard kept simple, but solid basslines together, and Henry was displaying a huge grin throughout.

John and Keith during the teabreak  triple spiral artwork found on studio wall
John and Keith, during the teabreak, plus some artwork found on the studio wall

Keith - electric guitar, mandola, melodica, melodica, percussion
Henry - percussion
John - mandolin, acoustic guitar, bouzouki, voice
Richard - electric bass guitar, percussion
me - saz, balalaika, percussion, melodica
Vaughan - acoustic guitar, mandolin, voice

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