Thursday, November 10, 2005

curious Oblique House Drone

An interesting COTD session last night - not like any we've done for quite a while. Henry arrived late, and with only small percussion items, so things were rhythmically a lot looser than usual. At times it felt terribly disjointed and incoherent, but at others it seemed really fresh and creative. We seemed to be (mostly) playing in a five (or was it seven?) rhythm at one point.

Listening back to the MiniDiscs the session comes across as fairly weak, at least by recent standards. A lot more than usual got cut in my editting process, but there's still a pretty listenable 48 minutes in there, so not a bad use of a Wednesday evening.

I was thinking recently about how COTD feels a bit like a football team sometimes. The line-up gradually shifts through time, some combinations of players work better than others (but it's hard to say why), we always stop for half-time, sometimes we have 'winning streaks', sometimes 'losing streaks'. This session we would have lost 3-1, I'd say.

James and John in the Orange Room
James and John, Droning in the Orange Room

me - saz, balalaika, percussion, percussively-triggered radio device
James T - keyboard, percussion, water
Keith - acoustic bass guitar, acoustic guitar, bouzouki
John - acoustic guitar, bouzouki, acoustic bass guitar, mandolin, voice
Henry - percussion

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