Thursday, November 03, 2005

All Souls/Samhain dark moon Drone, St. Stephens

Our monthly session at St. Stephens church last night, howling gales outside with the veil between the worlds supposedly at its thinnest...

Keith - electric guitar, fretless electric bass, mandola, mandolin, piano
Henry - percussion
John - mandolin, acoustic guitar, bouzouki, tablas, low whistle, voice
James T - piano, poetry, percussion
Rupert - percussion
me - saz, balalaika, percussion
Vaughan - acoustic guitar, mandolin, voice

Jo, Andi - voices
Jonathan - percussion

curious feature of the north wall of church
a curious feature of the north wall of St. Stephens church

Three long pieces, very full-sounding, quite intense a lot of the time, and quite funny in places. It descended into operatic parody at one point...

James did a new poem he was commissioned to write in celebration of Exeter Central Library's 40th birthday (complete text here). The City Council's ever-busy works vehicles provided some interesting droning noises at the end of the first piece.

It was the first time John had brought his tablas along for a while.

Jonathan works it the same bookshop as Keith and came along to take some photos and video. He's also a percussionist, and added some subtle djembe beats, eventually having a go on Henry's kit during the last piece.

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