Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pulse gig at Henry's

A private party on Saturday night. Two one-hour sets, great energy.

(Here's a description of the idea behind Pulse.)

Henry - percussion
Richard - electric bass guitar
Matthew S - cello, harmonica, clarinet, voice, percussion, keyboard, acoustic guitar, musical saw
John - electric guitar, voice, percussion
Mark - percussion
me - saz, percussively-triggered radio device, percussion

Henry, John and Richard
Henry, John and Richard

This was the first time we'd played together in this configuration. John was called in at the last minute. I hadn't even met Mark before (this is a different Mark to the occasional COTD keyboard player).

I managed to get a recording of part of the first set and all of the second, but there's some distortion due to levels being set too high. The second set's pretty listenable though:

(Basslines) Ball of Fire -> Walking on the Moon -> Samba -> Guguletu -> Cantaloupe -> Surfin' -> Papa Was a Rolling Stone -> John's groove -> The Beat Goes On

My highlight was the other Matthew singing "House of the Rising Sun" over the "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" bassline.

Set 2 - Listen (big file - 67 minute MP3)


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