Saturday, November 12, 2005

"Right on Scales Radio"

I've discovered what must be the best streaming reggae radio on the Web. "Right on Scales Reggae Radio" is, rather amusingly, a promotional device for a Californian company selling digital scales ("for legal uses only"). The occasional advertising voiceovers aren't overly intrusive (although they're in totally inappropriate American radio promo voices...) It's unfortunately only a 64kbps stream, so the sound quality isn't brilliant, but it's (in my opinion) the perfect blend of heavy dub, 70's roots, and a little bit of relatively intelligent dancehall. Roots and culture!

Listen Here

I've had this on rather a lot lately! Some tunes get a bit overplayed, but one can hardly complain. I could do with a bit less Eek-a-Mouse and Yellowman, but on the other hand, I've discovered that both Dennis Brown and Gregory Isaacs have both made numerous wonderful records (much to my surprise, as I'd written them off as irrelevant "lovers rock" singers).

Favourites at the moment: "Such is Life" by Lord Creator, "Let Jah be Praised" (live) by Peter Tosh, "Lift Up Your Conscience" by Israel Vibration, and the entire works of King Tubby and Scientist.


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