Friday, September 02, 2005

Sherwood yet again

A really lovely Children of the Drone session last night - outdoors at Sherwood Cottage again, but with a considerably larger line-up:

Henry - percussion
Rupert - percussion
Keith - electric guitar, percussion
John - mandolin, bouzouki, acoustic guitar, percussion, voice
Vaughan - acoustic guitar, percussion, voice
Richard - electric bass guitar
James T - poetry, percussion, water
me - saz, balalaika, percussion

Vaughan had a fire lit, but we ended up playing in the barn again - less smoky and a better acoustic.

the fire we *didn't* sit around during this session
Henry, Vaughan and James prior to the session, which didn't occur around this fire

I'd had quite a difficult day prior to this, felt rather like I was disintegrating - this helped put all the bits back together. Rather appropriately, the last piece (a kind of semi-ironic blues-ish thing, like last week, but more subtle) involved James reading a poem involving some "found" text, the last bit being "sometimes I fall together" (repeated). That seemed to sum it up. I came home feeling whole again. One of the best sessions in quite a while.

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