Sunday, August 21, 2005

Another Minimal Drone

saz and harmonium in the Orange Room

Just me, Keith and James T, as with the June St. Stephens session. It felt nice at the time, but the recording sounded a bit lacklustre on first listening (the fact I was on a train didn't help). It sounded quite a bit better the second time. Unfortunately, the last piece didn't get recorded. It was quite long, and very relaxed - I was on the threshold of sleep, and really enjoying the sensation. We were all immediately disappointed when it transpired that the Minidisc recorder wasn't switched on. It's surprising how often this often happens with (what we believe at the time to be) particularly good pieces. But then it fits quite nicely into the worldwide tradition of devotional music - just giving it away as a gift to the Universe, rather than trying to capture it or "make something out of it".

Listen Here

James did another of his "found" poems based on the University library catalogue. This time it was a list of titles beginning with the pronoun "I" (he's done "They" and "Love" before). I played quite a bit of acoustic bass guitar, although not half as well as I'd like to. I really will have to work on that a bit more.


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