Friday, September 02, 2005

Truro Cathedral, December 1998

Another archive recording of the Dongas in Cornwall. This was from the second time we were invited to play in Truro Cathedral during one of their late-night Christmas shopping services. A bit of a struggle in the cavernous acoustic, and a rather lo-fi recording at that, but still worth a listen (particularly the bombard and biniou pieces).

Dongas playing in Truro Cathedral, December 1998
left to right: Dave (our friend from Camborne), Stef, Colin, me, Jo, Inge

Listen Here

In both 1997 and 1998 we were invited to play during special services conducted to coincide with late-night Christmas shopping. The first year we received a letter asking us to come and play "for the Glory of God and the Entertainment of the Late Night shoppers"! We were relieved to note that 'shoppers' had not been capitalised. Only one piece from that recording has survived, unfortunately.

The voice heard speaking at the end was our friend Banana Tom who indeed had come hundreds of miles for the occasion. As the other (unidentified) voice hinted, we continued later outside the Cathedral.

Truro Cathedral
Truro Cathedral - image from


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