Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Glastonbury Tor blessing

Vicky and I were up in Glastonbury on Sunday for a 'wedding blessing' ceremony on the Tor. My friend Dave, who I meet up with every mid-summer in Avebury, had married Candy some weeks ago, but they wanted an outdoor blessing to follow it up. The ceremony was led by Paradox, a multi-dimensional poet based in London who Dave has done some remix work for (he's also collaborated with Pok for various anti-banking actions, etc. - so I'd heard a lot about him, as well as recordings of his work, but not met him previously).

Dave and Candy on Glastonbury Tor - photo by Vicky
Dave and Candy await their wedding blessing atop the Tor

After the ceremony, we had a bit of a lively jam - Dave on djembe, his mate Tall Paul (excellent freestyle didgeridoo player) on didg, me on saz, and Paradox reciting some poetry. After a while we moved into the tower for increased resonance, and were joined by an old Glastonbury head with a bag of bamboo flutes and a melodica. He was curious about the saz, having seen similar things in Kazakhstan whilst travelling overland to India in the 70's. He mentioned having been in India for seven years, and then returning just in time for the 1984 Stonehenge Free Festival! He also expressed his enthusiasm for the fact we were up there playing music - so often there's nothing going on - which made me realise that it'd been years since I'd had a decent jam on the Tor, despite going up there fairly regularly.

Paradox, Dave, Paul and I on Glastonbury Tor - photo by Vicky
Paradox, Dave, Paul and I jamming after the ceremony

Needless to say, none of this got recorded, but here's a saz remix Dave put together (as 'Nusphere'):

Listen Here


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