Friday, August 19, 2005

COTD compilation no. 4

It's taken a while to get this together, but Children of the Drone compilation no. 4 is now finished. The distillation process (which involves moving MP3s from an "everything" playlist to a "worthy" playlist, and then eventually to a "really quite good" playlist) has been further refined, and these compilations should start to come out a bit more frequently. A few pieces have already been lined up for compilation no. 5.

unknown lichen

Listen Here

This one involved Henry, Mark, Keith, John, me, James T, Clare, Matthew S, Dan C, Simon, Vaughan, Philip and Julia using balalaika, dilruba, mbira, saz, bouzouki, acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic bass guitar, tablas, spoons, turntables, voices, cello, mandola, melodica, Wurlitzer, piano, synthesiser, "groan tubes", a Cambodian gong, assorted percussion (and probably some other things too) at Oblique House, Prospect Park, and St. Stephens church (Exeter) and the Rainbow Studio (Crediton) between 03/10/02 and 11/11/04.


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