Sunday, August 07, 2005

Vocal/Drone collaboration

The long-awaited collaboration between Children of the Drone and the as-yet-unnamed Crediton vocal improvisation group finally happened on Wednesday. I've just got back from the Big Green Gathering and am listening back to the recordings now. I remember the first piece feeling very untogether, a real struggle - but a couple of minutes in it's not sounding half as bad as I remember. The later (after tea-break) sections seem really rather lovely:

Listen Here

St. Stephens stained-glass window - photo by Simon
detail from a stained glass window in St. Stephens

Simon (first half) - acoustic bass guitar, piano, percussion
Keith - acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar, mandola, percussion
me - saz, balalaika, percussion
Henry - percussion
John - acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar, bouzouki, percussion, vocals
James T - piano, percussion, poetry

Vaughan (both groups) - acoustic guitar, mandolin, percussion vocals

Jo, Pete, Ash (Crediton group) - vocals

I'll also be uploading a few fragments I recorded jamming with various Mordekkers (Peni and Stef's band from West Wales) at the Green Gathering, once I've processed those minidiscs.


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