Monday, August 01, 2005

North Wales

I just spent a week up in Snowdonia, staying in a little electricity-free National Trust cottage near Betws-y-Coed with Vicky and her kids Tom and Claudia. The first full day there was typically grey and rainy, so we stayed cosy by the fireplace, and experimented with a couple of folktunes from Robin Williamson's The Penny Whistle Book (1977) - "Soldier's Joy" and "Lovely Joan" - with Vicky playing recorder, me playing saz, and the kids playing various percussion (quite competently). This was excellent fun (despite Vicky's recurring lapses in confidence, which will hopefully become a thing of the past), but nothing got recorded.

a particularly nice bit of twisty wood near Aber Falls

Last night, back in Exeter, Vicky and I ran through these tunes again, plus another one called "Searching for Lambs" (beautiful). I recorded some of this, and just put together a rough edit of "Soldier's Joy":

Listen Here


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I'm a recent convert to the COTD experience as i've only dwlded comp 3 at the moment - just popped by to say you have a terrific sound...

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