Monday, March 09, 2009

Durutti Column: "Without Mercy" and "Never Known"

Finally found it! I'm sure this is the clip - sitting up late with my mum one night in 1986 or '87, watching some American cable channel that used to rebroadcast The Tube, this came on, and I'd never heard anything like it - went out soon after and bought a Durutti Column compilation tape called Valuable Passages. Vini's playing had a big influence on me from the moment I started playing stringed instruments.

If it wasn't this clip (I'm now wondering...where's that tacky neon "The Tube" logo?), it was definitely the same line-up - I can remember the players' faces quite clearly more than 20 years later.

Listening now, it's just a shame about those 80's syntho-drums (especially with such an excellent drummer as Bruce Mitchell available).

And here's a rare (and appropriately tasteful) promotional clip for my very favourite DC piece, "Never Known", from the LC album.


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