Thursday, January 29, 2009

COTD compilation 7

I've completed work on the latest Children of the Drone compilation. All of it's derived from 2008 recordings. Only ten sessions were played (the sparsest year yet) and only eight of these got recorded. This draws from seven of these (I'm on eight of the twelve tracks, having missed a few sessions).

This is the first compilation that's too long to on one CD. It's about 104 minutes. But then CDs seem to be on their way out (my latest laptop didn't even come with a CD burner).

Cladonia lichen photographed by Michiel Thomas
Cladonia lichen - photo by Michiel Thomas

This one's more experimental than previous collections - less melody and rhythm than usual, more atonality and arhythmia, lots of weird noises, Simon playing his iPhone, etc.. Arguably the centrepiece is track 5, a 16 minutes improvisation (of course) over which James T reads his poem "The truth is a woman who" (one of my favourites of his).

The collection ends in laughter (a bit of a COTD tradition).

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