Thursday, January 29, 2009

deceptively un-murky Drone session

Wednesday 28/01/09, the first Children of the Drone session of the year. At the time it felt very murky (usually the case when there are this many of us Droning), but it's one of those sessions where the recording sounds a lot better than I remember it being.

Dominic's double-bass playing added a welcome new dimension to the sound, Tim's bowed electric guitar works really well in the Drone soup, and Keith amused us all by playing his iPhone ("It took me about a weekend to go from being a technophobe to a total technogeek," he confessed during the tea break). James T read a recent-ish (and rather bleak) poem of his called "The Wilderness" during the second set.

photos taken by Keith
top-left: Keith's set-up; top-right: Richard; bottom-left: Henry, Brian & me (inspecting architecture), John; bottom-right: John, Brian

John - acoustic guitar, flutes and whistles, voice
Keith - electric guitar, mini-Casio keyboard, iPhone
Tim - bowed electric guitar, keyboard
Dominic - double bass
Annie Q - flute, alto sax, voice
Lucy - alto sax
James T - keyboard, percussion, submerged gong, poetry
Brian - percussion
Richard - electric bass guitar
Henry - Roland samplepad, percussion, voice
me - saz, balalaika

Listen Here

The next day, Keith, Henry and I had a most excellent Orbis Tertius? rehearsal, jamming on some neglected material, really good energy.


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