Thursday, March 05, 2009

Cocos Lovers again

K-Bar Keynes College, University of Kent, Friday 28th February.

Rather sweet support from The Momeraths (mildy psychedelic 60's-style summery pop).

Just back from Devon in time, this was the second time I've seen Cocos Lovers, and they've definitely earned a place in my heart. All their songs already seem intensely familiar. They've got something rare and precious, something which has nothing to do with virtuosity, professionalism or 'entertainment'. They finished their set with an accapella version of "Hal-an-Tow", the traditional Cornish song. I'd forgotten all about this - last heard at the Helston Furry Day celebrations in 1998, I think!

[The song begins at about 3:38:]

For a few minutes, by connecting with this ancient song/tradition, the band transformed a sterile student bar into a timeless space. They were two months early (the song would normally be sung to welcome the 1st of May, this was welcoming the first of March), but with the following day's beautiful weather, it indeed felt like summer was a-comin' in.

I'll be over in Wisconsin, so unfortunately will miss their EP launch at The Farmhouse in Canterbury on April 7th. But with any luck, I'll see them at the Small World Festival in May.


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