Friday, December 14, 2007

Stevie Wonder live on Sesame Street

No idea what year this was. "Back in the day" will suffice. What a band! One of the Beastie Boys was enthusing about this in an interview in Big Issue - so glad I tracked it down!

So much fascinating old footage on Youtube, it's almost worrying (I don't want to spend my life watching old music videos...).

This is very different from Stevie Wonder, but it's quite interesting to watch the graceful musical unfolding of the 1980's from synth-pop to post-rock (paralleling the evolution of my own teenage musical awareness) in these four Talk Talk clips (I've been getting very much into The Colour of Spring and Spirit of Eden albums again since hearing them at Matt's in Glastonbury):

"Talk Talk" (1982)
"Such a Shame" (1984)
"Living in Another World" (1986)
"I Believe in You" (1988)

No footage of anything from the wonderful Laughing Stock album (or Hollis's solo one), unsurprisingly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great clip. I love the little kid flinging his head around.


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