Monday, September 18, 2006

Dorset barndance - Red Dog Green Dog and Primaeval

Same kind of thing as last year, except Joel was able to make it and play hurdy-gurdy with Red Dog Green Dog. I recorded almost all of their (3+ hour) set on MiniDisc from a less-than-optimally positioned microphone (directly behind them), but it sounds alright to me:

Listen Here

The set from Primaeval (currently Cliff Stapleton - gurdy, Jonathan Shoreland - pipes, Sunny Davidson - guitar) was also excellent. As usual, I lurked in a corner rather than getting into the (traditional) dancing. Nice to see so many people enjoying themselves, though.

RDGD, weirdly colourised
RDGD, splattered and weirdly colourised

And the incomparable Jon E. Aris gave me a copy of a CD Stevie P has compiled of all Jon's recordings from over the years...varying styles, line-ups, sound qualities, degrees of ridiculousness, but great to hear. It's called Moor. He gave me his blessing to put it in the public domain, so I have:

Listen Here

The morning after the dance, I got a chance to try out Joel's Trace Elliot acoustic amp connected to a car battery in the camping field - a joy to hear my saz amplified so nicely. Sam, sitting nearby, made some vague allusion to Ross Daly, which was incredibly flattering. Now I can't decide if I want to get one of those or a Marshall AS50R. Andy Bard stopped by with his mandolin for a lovely little jam (unrecorded) before I headed off on my bike.


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