Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ail Fionn review

A Google Alert recently alerted me to this Ail Fionn review which a Finnish listener posted via his Last FM account. I could only find a cached version here:

"Ail Fionn - Sint-Niklaas 2001: Now this is what I would call a real find: guitars [sic], mandolins and drumming, the music at times sounds celtic and at times arabic, with other ethnic influences as well. And apparently there's also some Turkish instrument called saz. It's catchy and makes me want to do belly dance for my cat, and it's largely improvisatory with some crazy mandolin work. And the mood can change pretty quickly from Ail Fionn – Swedish Waltz to Ail Fionn – Teletubbies Tarantella. There are two albums here, I just chose this one because it's more recent. This band has only 3 listeners on :("

Very nice. I'm looking forward to spending some time down at Inge's farmhouse in the foothills of the Pyrenees this coming spring so we can create some more of this stuff. I do miss her "crazy mandolin work", and rather hope one day I can get her over to Exeter to work with Orbis Tertius?.


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