Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dub Magnitude

First session last night for the new Children of the Drone spin-off project, "Dub Magnitude".

This was motivated by Mick, the idea being that he works out some dub basslines, Henry plays drums, and various Droners are drafted in to improvise over the top of that.

Last night (at Prospect Park), it was:

Mick - bass
Henry - drums
John - mandolin, bouzouki, whistles, voice, percussion
Simon - laptop
me - saz, percussion

We tried out about seven basslines, and all get a good feeling that this is going to organically evolve into something most worthy. Simon was coming out with some particularly excellent choices of sounds, reminiscent of my favourite dub from various eras. A slight chance of a first gig before I head off to Wisconsin for a bit (that's in less than a month now), we shall see...

Unsurprisingly, I recorded the whole thing. I may make the audio available once I've had a chance to listen through and edit it.

This project is particularly welcome for me, after playing so much reggae-flavoured music in NZ/Aotearoa (including the "saz-in-dub" radio broadcasts).


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