Friday, November 24, 2006

best Drone ever?

The recording doesn't quite bear that out, but it almost felt like it at the time!

A superb COTD session (at the Rainbow Studio, Crediton, last night), anyway:

John - whistles, acoustic guitar, mandolin, charango, voice, percussion
Henry - percussion
Richard - electric bass guitar
Keith - electric guitar, electric mandolin, mbira, percussion
me - saz, percussion

Crediton Church
nearby Crediton Church - photo from

I unleashed the howling feedback/distortion monster lurking within me, let out a big glob of sonic toxins via my saz and a nasty little practice amp with an 'overdrive' button. Felt a bit self-indulgent, but the others loved it! And listening back, it doesn't sound anywhere near as loud as it felt. I also got deeply into playing a little tambourine Claudia and Thomas brought back from Egypt for me this summer.

We even attempted something in five this time.

Listen Here


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