Friday, November 17, 2006

Motueka leftovers

This collection was compiled from the odds and ends from my MiniDisc recordings out in Motueka (Aotearoa/New Zealand).

source of Riwaka River - photo by Murray Neill
source of Riwaka River - photo by Murray Neill

  • Matua singing Maori language songs with three of his kids singing backing vocals, in Alan's music room
  • a rock/reggae/saz jam at a barbeque in Matua's sister's garden
  • part of a Fresh FM broadcast in which Alan featured my saz playing
  • a few things recorded with Helen (including a Gadjo song played as a tribute to our mutual friend Fraggle) when she came over one afternoon
  • a very trancey jam recorded with Richard and Cindy, a couple who Alan and I met at the source of the Riwaka River (Richard and I turned out to have mutual friends in Glastonbury - Stevie P, Mandy, Tim, et al.) - they were just starting to experiment with Vietnamese mouth harps they'd picked up in Hanoi
  • some simple saz and djembe I did with Alan, just getting a few previously unrecorded tunes down
  • jams recorded out at Riverside, some with Justin Clarke, a pretty amazing guitarist who Lilli brought along once
  • a few things recorded with Alan, Paul and Kristina one Wednesday evening out at their place on Trewavas Street

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