Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Tiny Window lo-fi collections

I've been scraping the bottom of the ATW barrel, uploading the last (nearly!) few bits of my lo-fi recording archive to

The first collection was recorded during the first birthday party for Alan's daughter Uisce. This was near Sneem in County Kerry, on the piece of land where Kris and Birgit were living in a little self-built cabin at the time. Inge and I were visiting from Cornwall, and Christy was there too. As with most first birthday parties, the key participant was fairly oblivious to what was happening, and fell asleep early on in the proceedings. The rest of us happily stayed up late around a fire playing tunes, jamming and generally being silly (any excuse for a party). I recorded most of this on a cheap-and-nasty plastic handheld mono cassette recorder. The next morning, the cassette was nowhere to be seen. The only reason these recordings still exist is because Alan magically decided to take a counter-intuitive route across the bog and stumbled upon said (damp but intact) tape which had somehow fallen from my clutches into a clump of reeds as I'd stumbled back to the cabin in the dark.

Kris and Birgit's cabin, Sneem
the roof of Kris and Birgit's cabin, Sneem - photo by Inge

It's pretty rough (I rather overdid the hiss reduction and then lost the originals, so it's got that weird hollow/metallic sound in the quiet sections) and my saz is barely audible throughout a lot of it, but I still consider it worthy of preservation.

Listen Here

The other collection is an amalgam of bits and pieces from 1995-2005. As I've already compiled a "Miscellany One", this has become "Miscellany Two" (I think I was subconsciously influenced by the Dylan Thomas anthologies). There's:
  • some stuff I recorded with Andy Man in West Cork the winter ('96-'97) we spent up at Maugha - these are the few selections without Inge, so I suspect they're from the week she was away visiting family in Belgium;
  • an extended didg/bass/saz/percussion/wailing jam from the front room of the house Inge and I rented in the Phoenixstraat cite, Ghent in early 1995 (featuring Fifi from Oort Cloud);
  • some wildness recorded in a little cabin in southern France when I was visiting Inge in 2002 (including a French woman's stream-of-consciousness rants about "médecin nucléaire" - having uploaded it, I suddenly realise that I have absolutely no idea what she's saying!);
  • three excerpts from a session held at Tony's farmhouse in West Cork (the last session before he moved to the Canary Islands). This is the Tony who was once in West Cork bands called "Celtic Trip", "TranceZenDance" and "Solar Charge". Quite a few friends from Cork City (including Toby and JohnJohn from Wiggle) came down for this one, and Tony did a grand job of adjusting amplification levels, applying effects (as well as recording the outcome).

Phoenixstraat crew, early 1995
Phoenixstraat crew, early 1995

Listen Here

No doubt I'll eventually scrape together a few more old ATW relics, but next in the pipeline is the remainder of my Ail Fionn collection, which I'm a lot more excited about. Coming soon.


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