Friday, November 17, 2006

a return to Droning - St Stephens 08/11/06

My first Children of the Drone session since returning from Aotearoa/New Zealand. I'd missed two while away (neither recorded), and was pleased to find that the first-Wednesday-of-the-month session had been delayed for a week this month, at least partly so I could be there. A largish group, which has been acoustically problematic in St. Stephens previously - but this time everyone seemed to be appropriately sensitive, so when the sound did occasionally get a bit muddy, we tended to instinctively back off and thin it out. Steve's bass playing is just perfect for what we do, and gave Richard a chance to explore too, I think.

The sound stayed fairly consistently in 'traditional' floaty COTD territory. It was a pleasant reminder of what we can now so easily conjure up, but I look forward to Simon coming along with his laptop and stirring things up a bit in the near future.

Steve - six-string electric bass guitar
Richard - four-string electric bass guitar
Brian - keyboard, percussion(?)
Keith - electric guitar, mandola, percussion
James S - saz, vocals, percussion, singing bowls, khamak
James T - piano, percussion, poetry, water
Henry - percussion
me - saz, percussion

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