Friday, November 17, 2006

Orbis Tertius?

a couple more low-key public appearances for the new trio, which seems to have become called "Orbis Tertius?" (an obscure literary reference involving an ultra-bizarre short story by Borges):

On Sunday 05/10/06 we jammed in Henry's music room while he and his wife Lucy had their house open as part of an Exeter Open Studios initiative - she makes beautiful raku ceramic objects and had quite a few people passing through, some showing quite a bit of interest in and enthusiasm for the music we were making in the adjacent room. We had another rehearsal-of-sorts the next Tuesday, then played a set in the bar at the Picture House (local small, friendly cinema that shows interesting foreign films along with all the usual stuff).

When we arrived, Lou Gare, once part of the legendary free improv group AMM, was playing an extended saxophone solo, quite amazing stuff. Another sax player followed, then we got to play a ninety minute set to a small but surprisingly attentive (and appreciative) audience. The sound was quite OK, and we all felt that we'd risen to the occasion - our usual long, rambling jams were instinctively pared down, more to the point, there was a greater sense of urgency and willingness to take risks. Keith brought his fretless bass along, but only used it on one piece, using his fretted acoustic bass guitar for the rest.

The Picture House, Exeter
The Picture House, Exeter

Listen Here

Amazingly, Lou Gare (who Keith got talking to after buying one of his CD's) has shown an interest in coming along to a COTD session. Henry had just been saying how COTD is crying out for horn sounds...That would be quite a coup to have Lou Gare Droning with us, although I don't know how satisfying he'd find it. We shall see.

We're all happy with the way this project is evolving, looking forward to involving various fourth players.

As I'm now renting a room in Henry's house for the time being, there are plenty of opportunities to practice the saz-and-drums side of things.


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