Friday, November 17, 2006

recording Alan's busking CD

Alan's had been talking about doing this for years, and the time was finally right. He had a set of songs written in Belgium and Ireland, which he's been busking endlessly. He wanted a CD to sell while busking, as well as to finally record these songs so he can 'move on' and write some new ones. We tried to capture the organic nature of a busking session, with a group of seven of us (including Alan's father Alex - former member of the Belgian Senate! - playing a shaker) playing into one microphone.

We ran through each song three times, and I spliced together usable versions from these the next day, with Alan's oversight.

Here's my set of recordings from that evening.

Here's Alan's final product (with a couple of spoken word pieces recorded sometime earlier, as well as his daughter Uisce singing a variant on Burning Spear's "Wadada means love in Africa").


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