Wednesday, June 08, 2005

New CoTD 'logo', possible festivals

Simon has created a sort of 'logo' for Children of the Drone:

It's Korean text generated by some kind of translation software, and has actually come out as (when translated back to English) Child of Pilotless Plane which I find wonderfully appropriate, considering the way we operate, musically and otherwise. He's even been talking about making some semi-ironic merchandise available (with no cost to us) via CafePress. So you never know, there might be some Children of the Drone baseball caps floating about some remote corner of the globe by the time the year's out...

He also got in touch this morning about an intriguing-looking, reasonably local mini-festival the organisers of which he's approached about us possibly playing. Henry, Richard, Mark, me and possibly one other Droner are meant to be playing a similarly small-scale local festival-type event near Coleford the weekend before, in more 'festival danceband' mode, so there may be some potential to develop this side of things.


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