Saturday, May 28, 2005

Thursday night Drone

Very nice Children of the Drone session here at Oblique House on Thursday night - the first one here in a while. Melski stopped by (again, first time in a while) to play some flute, percussion and do some random readings from a book of Modern English Usage. She's recently moved from Bristol to the Totnes area and is working one day a week in Exeter (music therapy), so we should be seeing a bit more of her for the next while, we hope. We had two basses happening for quite a bit of it - Keith playing Simon's acoustic, and Richard playing his electric. Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the session (there were six of us - me, Keith, Richard, John, Henry and Melski), and it was particularly nice to have the French windows open so the evening birdsong could mingle with our playing. Vicky's new iron doorknocker (a birthday present designed by her and hand-forged by a Hampshire blacksmith) was even involved, briefly, as a percussion instrument. The music even veered into a sort of psychedelic dub direction for a while during the penultimate piece.

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