Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Cathedral Green session

Kristof, who I met in Gent a couple of months ago (see below), arrived in Exeter yesterday with a coachload of his fellow horticultural students, on some kind of field trip. After running through a few of his songs back here at Oblique House, he got a phone message from his mates that we should come down to the Cathedral Green and entertain them.

I ended up having one of the best nights I can remember in Exeter, one of the best little performances I've ever been involved with - and it took 30 Flemish horticultural students to come over for it to happen! We played in one of the alcove-like spaces between two external butresses to the main cathedral wall (see above), attracting the attention of various local types, very amused by the Belgian takeover. A whole sequence of Kristof's songs, delivered with gusto, plus a re-working of Roger Waters' "Mother". My saz playing was really happening last night, felt really attuned to Kristof's playing, can't remember feeling so on form since the Hill of Uisneach around Easter 2003. It all got quite raucous (and unfortunately a harmonica fell into the hands of a drunk individual...) with one song being requested three times, dancing, drinking, full-on party vibes, but no response from the authorities, fortunately.

Looks like the whole contingent will be packing out the North Bridge Inn for the open mic session tonight...

I'm hidden from view here - the one in the blue anorak.


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