Monday, May 16, 2005

'A Tiny Window'

I've finally processed the recordings from my recent (Feb-March) travels - just over four hours in total, from the seventeen minidiscs I came home with.

This has now been uploaded to the Internet Archive's Open Source Audio collection.

I've decided to adopt the name "A Tiny Window" for the time being. I wanted a sort of umbrella name under which I could operate along with whoever I end up working with.

The recordings are divided into four phases:

Phase 1 - Bristol (with Ale Fernandez of the Improvised Crime collective, including excerpts from our performance at the Watershed Arts Centre's 'Random Function' event) and Cork City (with Toby and JohnJohn from 'Wiggle', and Christy from Sumu).

Phase 2 - West Cork, and Sneem, Co. Kerry, Ireland (with Christy, Andy Ra, Andy Man, John Lynch, and Kris)

Phase 3 - Southern France (with Inge, and Colin playing some faint percussion)

Phase 4 - Belgium, London and Exeter (with Sven, Kristof - a singer-songwriter I met while waiting for the coach from Gent to London, Pok SpaceGoat and Stef)

This is in addition to the Children of the Drone material which has already been uploaded to the Archive.


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