Thursday, May 19, 2005

North Bridge session

Another session with Kristof last night, at the North
Bridge Inn
, probably the pub I feel most comfortable in, locally. I played a brief solo set to fill in time early on, and when things got a bit busier we played three of his songs - minor P.A. problems, etc., but generally quite a success. Very nice open mic evening - sensitive guitar duo, poets, an unaccompanied folk singer with a truly beautiful voice, and Ruth (who I think is/was part of "Thing Quartet"/"Directory of Light" with Simon Drone) borrowed K's guitar and my capo in order to deliver a blinding version of Syd Barrett's "Gigolo Aunt", plus a few of her own brilliantly quirky songs (I particularly liked the one lamenting the deaths of her various 'useless' feline friends).

I've just uploaded some more MP3 collections to the Internet Archive Open Source collection - still some administration/processing details to deal with, but it should all be sorted within a day or two. There's various Ail Fionn stuff (me and Inge), plus the Treewalk '97 collection, "Last Train to Tortoise Central" (improvisations with Stef and Inge in West Cornwall, '98-'99).

There's a Drone session tonight at the Rainbow Studio in Crediton, but as it's Vicky's birthday, I shall have to opt out of that one. A very nice Drone piece from St. Stephens church, October 2003 is currently playing on the computer (thanks to the random playlist feature).


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