Sunday, May 22, 2005

new archive material

I've just finalised the uploading of various MP3 audio files from my personal archive to the Internet Archive Open Source Audio collection (links below):

Ail Fionn (me and Inge):

Sint-Niklaas, Belgium - November 1995 (just us)
Cadamstown, Ireland - May 1997 (with Andy Man on percussion)
Sint-Niklaas, Belgium Spring 2001 (with Sven van Mol on percussion)
Lodes, France - October 2002 (just us)

A Tiny Window (me and whoever):

The Yoga Studio, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA - April 2002 (with a group of local musicians, never having played together before)
Last Train to Tortoise Central (with Stef and Inge, whilst travelling with the Dongas Tribe, West Cornwall, 1997-98)


TreeWalk 1997 (an unaffiliated group of people I was part of, who walked hundreds of miles around Ireland in the spring of 1997, planting trees, visiting schools, talking about the environment, and playing music.


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