Monday, April 04, 2005

the name

Just some notes on why I decided to call this "The Spring".

It's springtime at the moment, a time of hope, renewal, rebirth, new growth, etc. - all things I hope will be reflected in the musical content which is to come. The first tour I did with this project in mind was undertaken during the spring.

There's also the connotation of wells and sources of water. I've visited quite a few holy wells in the British Isles and I think the importance of these places for earlier inhabitants cannot be underestimated. More than just sources of water - portals into something we have since lost touch with. I feel like I've occasionally touched on something internally, a sort of limitless source of music that can flow out through people in appropriately receptive/creative states. I like the idea of a kind of 'musical fountain'. Rather that trying to create structures which are repeated and 'perfected', I'd rather just keep playing, bringing forth new sounds.

Finally there's the 'mechanical' connotation. A spring is a helix-shaped object which can store and release energy. I'm quite fond of helices and spirals, and I like the slightly more down-to-earth use of the word as in 'a spring in my step'.


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