Friday, February 17, 2017

Lapis at the Lighthouse again

2nd December 2016
The Lighthouse, Deal

This was Phil's penultimate gig with Lapis before amicably leaving the band. The final one was in Brighton the next day (set two of which will be broadcast on the next Canterbury Sans Frontières, it's magnificent!)

They played two sets ("Big Bird" > "School" and "Alien" [excerpt] > "Phighyphe" > "Alien" [excerpt] > "Reich"). Great energy, and the few of us there really enjoyed the whole event (but being put off by a cold, rainy December night, the people of Deal missed out this wonderful and FREE gig).

Back in Canterbury (after a curious incident involving a missing bicycle lock key and an attempt at astral projection from the back of Phil's car) I ended up on the High Street with Juliet while Max Martin (out busking) sang gruesome murder ballads (and more) to the drunk Saturday night crowd. Crouching in the cold and the rain, it was interesting how just having a song going on nearby (rather like a small fire) made the otherwise unpleasant conditions just about OK.


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