Thursday, February 16, 2017

Juliet emerges from the musical closet

My good friend Juliet has been coming out of the musical closet lately, I'm glad to report. Until recently she couldn't even play/sing in front of me (or anyone she considered a "real" musician). But in recent weeks she's been out busking, played her first open mic, and now this (filmed in a little country church near Teynham):

The song's by Son House. I first heard it sung a cappella by Billy Childish, at a poetry reading he did up at UKC's Rutherford College in about '89.

Juliet's also featured singing (as "Bea Wolff") on Hide, the new beat-tape by our mutual friend Laszlo (aka Humble Pious) for which she also contributed the artwork...

...and I play a bit of saz on one of the tracks (these are suitable for looping up and spitting over, if any MCs out there are interested):


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