Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ail Fionn: Lannemezan (Inity Sessions 2)

I finally got round to editing down the hours of jams recorded with Inge down at her place in Lannemezan (south of Toulouse) in August. Just in time for her birthday, I set up Bandcamp page for Ail Fionn (what we've been calling our occasional duo project since '95). There's about 47 minutes of improvisations and rough tunes. It's all slightly wonky (my saz playing seemed really rusty at the time), but there's a vibe, and our friends seem to be enjoying hearing this. I'll add some of our other collections of recordings to the Bandcamp page once I've dug out all the old CDs with the original lossless quality recordings on them. For now they're all available in MP3 form here.

The collection is the second in the "Inity" series inspired by an intense dream I had in which we stole twelve 12-string guitars from a luthier in Glastonbury and then felt an unbearable, crushing guilt. So the idea is to do twelve of these. As with the first one, this one's also available at as usual.


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