Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Zubin Kanga and Early Nite at Free Range

1st December 2016
Water Lane Coffeehouse, Canterbury

The first set involved accomplished pianist Alistair Zaldua with video artist Adam Hodgkins providing visuals, including Transplant: The Movie (a long story!). Kanga also played with motion sensors on his hands, triggering all sorts of supplementary sounds, and performed a piece using these which brought in Walter Carlos-style banks of vintage synth sounds — really impressive, imaginative stuff! The email announcement described him as a "cyborg pianist" and I wasn't disappointed.

8th December 2016
Water Lane Coffeehouse, Canterbury

Poetry from Nisha Ramayaa (somewhat more accessible than most of the poetry I heard at Free Range) and some exciting Dolphy-meets-Stravinsky free-but-accessible jazz from Manchester's Early Nite:


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