Monday, January 23, 2017

new Humble Pious beat-tape

So my mate Laszlo "Humble Pious" Hewitt has again put down the mic, questioning his motives for being a hiphop MC. He's a great lyricist, but has these periodic existential crises about his participation in an ego-driven artform. But he's still making beats and interesting bits of instrumental music. He's just put a new "beat-tape" called Hide up on Bandcamp. I'm playing saz on one of the tracks ("Peng Wei"). Our mutual friend Juliet sings on "Dinosaur Bones", for which she wrote the lyrics. She also did this rather extraordinary album art for it (I've watched this evolve from a simple monochrome sketch over a few weeks)...

...and she wrote the "liner notes", which are worth repeating here:

good morning, listeners, and congratulations on having made it across this desolate psychedelic tundra, and finding your way here, to the smokers lounge at the end of the apocalypse; where neon polar bears in electromagnetic black-tie are always at hand with tiny still-living scientific curiosities and experiments-gone-wrong in crystal vials for your refreshment, and where conversation is never so engaging as that which can be shared with the candid, voluptuous fruit-bodies sprouting from the glowing mould which serves for lamps in the corners. mingle and swap spores with the toast of this post-apocalypse ghost metropolis. we hope your enjoyment of this specially-generated radio music experience is not impeded by the growing awareness that you are being stored at below freezing temperatures for use in live food presentations here at the sushi bar at the end of the end of the apocalypse. clinical trials have proven that sudden and pressing reminders of mortality are a precursor to heightened sensory perception, which should open you up to an ecstatically unifying and holistically purifying listener experience. screaming, weeping, laughing, ascension to a higher plane and reverting to an animal state are all also appropriate responses to these aurgasmic stimuli.


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