Monday, February 20, 2017

Fara, Dreamweaver, Nukli

25th January 2016
Colyer-Fergusson hall, UKC campus

First this for lunch, pleasant enough...

...then later on...

Crash of Moons Club
Bramleys, Canterbury This time featuring some veteran free-festie spacerockers from Hackney, supported by young local indie-psych/shoegaze unit Dreamweaver.

Nice to see the younger crowd grooving to the psychedelic sounds of Nukli, and the band were clearly enjoying themselves too. The singer/guitarist at one point observed that they'd chosen all of their most complicated numbers to play that night, then added "But we're in Canterbury, yeah — makes sense... Canterbury... it's got to be complicated!" (which perhaps was lost on some of the audience, but everyone seemed to approve). As resident DJ Professor Appleblossom, I attempted to contextualise the acts with sets of noisy shoegaze-type psych, heavy spacerock and then roots reggae and dub afterwards for dancing (which was well appreciated, nice to see). Here are the playlists.


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