Thursday, February 23, 2017

Crash of Moons: Luca and Sea Slugs

Wednesday 22nd Feburary 2017
Bramleys, Canterbury

Finally a decent crowd for a Crash of Moons Club! Despite the rain outside the place filled up and the atmosphere was bordering on ecstatic. Luca (now having integrated Phil Holmes, ex-Lapis, on tenor sax) are really evolving — becoming a kind of twisty-turny Canterbury-Afro-prog band more than than another carbon copy Fela-inspired Afrobeat band. They even dropped in an Afrobeatified cover Black Sabbath's "The Wizard"! The Sea Slugs were a super-tight six-piece who integrated some spoken word and righteous Tory-bashing like it was 1989, got everyone jumping.

As usual, I DJ'd as Prof. Appleblossom. Here's what got played: two Afro sets and dub/roots afterwards to wind down. The bands were really appreciative of my selections, so I felt like I succeeded in creating the appropriate musical atmosphere.


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