Friday, October 12, 2012

Zoo For You: the upward spiral continues

The Ballroom, Canterbury
Thursday 11th October 2012

I got along to hear Trimurti (a sitar player and a bansuri player, with prerecorded tabla beats) playing as part of Free Range, up at the Veg Box Cafe. Surprisingly busy up there, couldn't actually sit anywhere in the main room, so ended up sitting down in the lower bit, just listening and playing a game of Go with Helen. Sam played a particularly interesting improv piano set at the beginning — there was some extra percussive or drone element I could hear, but couldn't quite see what was going on.

Then it was straight over to The Ballroom. Another impressive set from Zoo For You. Back to just a three-person horn section this time (Owen on tenor sax, Thom on trombone and Bruno on alto sax), but nothing felt lacking in the sound. A very large, enthusiastic audience. Everyone's digging the new material, and the whole sound is far more challenging and experimental than ever. I really hope they keep moving in this direction.

Here's what they were up to just over a year ago:


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