Thursday, September 27, 2012

Magick Brothers in Sandwich

St. Mary's Church
Friday 21st September, 2012
The Magick Brothers

Daevid Allen — gliss, semiacoustic guitar and vocals
Mark Robson — keyboards, didgeridoo, vocals
Graham Clarke — violin Support from Syd Arthur — they played the usual set they've been playing for a while now (no sign of the new songs or the extended jam section of "Edge of the Earth", alas), but they played it with real ferocity and abandon.

The Magick Bros. are very much a group project, not just Daevid's backing band. Almost half of the set was given over to Mark Robson's songs (the pleasantly ridiculous "Herbacious Border", the instrumental "Waylands Smithy", a song about a road being built in Tasmania, the Theo-Simon-penned Rainbow standard "No One's Slave", etc.). But we also got the old favourites "Children of the New World" (Daevid mentioned his numerous grandchildren in the introduction) and "Wise Man in Your Heart". I was so tranced-out by the latter that I almost missed the last train back to Canterbury.

Here's a picture of the Magicks exactly a week earlier at The Greystones in Sheffield (same hat, same guitar):

And here is a beautifully written blog entry by Jonny, a Sufi, who took it (and looked after the band that night).


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